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Auto Locksmith in Port Macquarie

We are a family-owned and operated locksmith business in Port Macquarie. Romer Locks was established over 12 years ago by Gavin and Anthea Romer, who are still running the business now. Our amazing team of professional and loyal staff make the business what it is today and we look forward to many more years serving this wonderful community.
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Home Safety Tips

Here at Romer Locks, we do our best to help residents keep their homes safe. Here are ten tips that are certain to increase protection and privacy at your home.

  • Deadlocks on all external doors, including between the house & the garage
  • Window locks on all windows
  • Patio bolts on glass sliding doors
  • A home safe to secure valuables like jewellery & documents
  • Security lighting around the house that senses movement
  • Security screen doors on external doors, preferably with 3-point locking
  • Padlock on outer gates & sheds
  • Key lockable side gates
  • A key safe installed inconspicuously outside to store a key in (in case you get locked out)
  • A door chain or peephole on your front door to check outside before fully opening
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Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to read through our FAQ for more information and reach out if you have any additional questions.
Will unlocking my car cause any damage?
No. Our team is meticulous, and we ensure that there is never any damage to your car or the lock to your vehicle, which is not always the case with less experienced locksmiths.
Are you able to work with all key types?
When should I consider changing my locks?
When should I call a locksmith?
What should I do if I lose a key?
What does it cost to get a new car key?