Restricted key systems in Port Macquarie


At Romer locks, we have a range of restricted key systems and our qualified staff can advise you on the appropriate system for you. For more information on Restricted Key Systems, please see below.

What is a restricted system?
Restricted Key Systems are specifically designed and patented key security products that can be installed in some existing or new hardware that provides a business with efficient and effective key control.

Why does my business need a restricted system?
Your business can gain a higher level of security through restricting access of employees to designated areas.

How does it work?
We can design a system that has a Grand Master key that allows a manager or owner access to all doors and then work our way down, so then we can have a section key that would allow another manager of a section access to particular doors, so in the instance of a car yard and service store, you could have a managers key that only opens the sales room doors but not the garage section and then a seperate key that gets into the garage and parts section but not the sales offices. Then you can even have individual keys, so you can give the office manage a key that opens the front door and their office only.

You design the system to suit your needs specifically.

Can staff just come in and get keys cut?
No, all keys are only issued to authorised signatories that we have established with you when first installing the system. There must be a written request with a signature that is matched to our records, so you can rest assured that no one except the authorised person will ever receive extra keys. We can also give you a print out of how many keys you have been issued over the years, so you can do a key audit and know for sure that every key that works in your building can be accounted for.

What system do you use?
We use the Secure 6 range that are designed and made in Australia. Which offer legal protection against illegal duplication in AUS and NZ and are fully compatible with most commercial locks and have an anti-manipulation defence against picking and unauthorised entry.
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